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Upgrade OIDC App to angular-auth-oidc-client 13.1

Upgrade pom.xml from your Angular Project

Potential Code Changes

Use angular-auth-oidc-client AuthInterceptor

secureRoutes: ['http://localhost:8080']

Keycloak Setup

  • Create an Client with code flow + PKCE [ is more secure than the implicit flow ]
    • AccessType: public
    • Web Origin: +
  • Note: Our Angular client named angular-frontent must reside in the same realm than our Quarkus/Rest API .
  • The quarkus Client type sould be confidential

Potential Errors

Starting OIDC connect App fails

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: could not find matching config for state
Error: could not find matching config for state …


  • In auth-config.modulets change historyCleanupOff: true -> historyCleanupOff: false


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